BioBran MGN-3 1000 - 2g sachet - 105 sachets


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BioBran MGN-3 is one of the most effective food supplements available for helping the body maintain a strong and healthy immune system.

Developed in Japan by Daiwa Pharmaceutical in 1992, BioBran is manufactured using a patented process to break down (pre-digest) rice bran using enzymes from Shitake mushrooms. The resulting compound contains a unique blend of glyconutrients such as arabinoxylan, as well as other short chain polysaccharides and hemicellulose compounds. This unique molecular fingerprint makes it significantly more effective than any other immune system supplement on the market today, giving the body its best opportunity to optimize its own natural healing mechanisms.

Sachet ingredients: Arabinoxylan compound (1000mg), Microcrystaline Cellulose (bulking agent), Dextrin (stabiliser), Corn Starch (stabiliser), Tricalcium Phosphate (anti-caking agent).

As a food supplement take one sachet dispersed in a little water after a meal.

If extra nutritional boost is required take one sachet 3 times daily after meals for 2 months, then reduce to one sachet per day.