Clean Cakes - Henrietta Inman


Brand Penny Brohn Shop

Clean Cakes has a wealth of original recipes with distinctive flavour combinations and intriguing twists on established classics that will help you satisfy your sweet tooth in a natural and nutritious way.  This a must-have cookbook if you have cut out gluten, dairy or refined sugar yet still want to bake stunning, inspiring and nourishing treats.

Henrietta Inman is a skilled pastry chef and owner of Henrietta Inman Patissiere and Hen's Clean Cakes.

In the first part of Clean cakes skilled pastry chef Henrietta Inman shows you how to stock your larder using a variety of local, seasonal and processed nourishing ingredients.

Clean Cakes includes over 75 beautifully photographed recipes, so you can cook everything from spectacular cakes, gorgeously moist muffins and wholesome loaves to stunning raw desserts and scrumptious tarts and pies.