Conscious Medicine by Gill Edwards


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Radical changes are coming in medicine as society builds stronger bridges between science and spirituality. In this book Gill Edwards explains that both mind and body are inseparable and that our emotions are crucial in both health and disease.

Her approach to healthcare is based on the latest research into the transformative power of consciousness, the bodymind and energy. She explains how, when you break old habits of thought, you can not only reverse disease processes and heal injuries but also attract positive events into your life. Chapters cover Gill's own journey towards health and why our current medical model is limiting us, how negative thoughts activate our stress response in our bodies which eventually makes us ill, how our body speak to us symbolically through symptoms and illness, how to break free from limiting patterns and how to create a new health-full future.

Whether you have troubling symptoms, are a health professional or healer, or you just want to stay healthy and happy, this book will offer you a guide to conscious medicine. Packed with fascinating case studies and research, it outlines a radical new approach to health.

About the author: Gill Edwards was a clinical psychologist who worked for the NHS. She whas been involved in mind and body medicine for the past thirty years, ran workshops on Conscious Medicine and helped set up a group of doctors and practitioners to pioneer new approaches to health care.