Nourish - The Cancer Care Cookbook


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You may already know that food plays an important role in helping you to live well with cancer, but you may struggle to know exactly which nutrient-rich foods to choose to support your body. In Nourish you will find over 70 easy-to-prepare recipes that incorporate many of those healing foods.

The introduction explains the role of nutrition in protecting against cancer and helping to alleviate some of the symptoms affecting those with cancer before, during and after treatment, and provides clear advice on the power of therapeutic foods.

There are recipes for shakes, juices, smoothies and breakfasts, soups and light dishes, main meals, and desserts and baked treats, all of which are designed to optimise your enjoyment of food and your health. Sometimes, especially during treatment, you may find that you do not feel like eating, or you may feel too tired to prepare anything but the simplest meal. You may also want to eat smaller meals more frequently.

This book caters for all these eventualities. What’s more, there’s a chapter with recipes that are helpful for common side-effects of treatment. Try the Ginger, Almond and Chocolate Cookies, for example to lessen the symptoms of nausea or reduce fatigue with a Wheatgrass Energizer.  All the recipes are delicious yet simple to make, and many can be made in advance to make mealtimes easier for you.