Recipes for Self Healing by Daverick Leggett


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One of the most important steps towards self-healing is to take responsibility for our own nourishment.

This book provides you with a set of tools to make this possible. It takes guidance from traditional Chinese medicine and makes them more accessible to the modern day person.

There are over 100 recipes which use familiar foods that reflect the cosmopolitan nature of Western cuisine. Each of the recipe's energetic actions are described to enable you to choose which recipes are suited to your own individual needs. There are no good foods or bad foods: all you have to do is listen to the wisdom of their own body.

About the author: Daverick Leggett began his working life as a farmer and gardener. He subsequently moved into a community with a focus on communal living, sustainable lifestyle and public education. His interest in education then led him to train and work for five years as a teacher in the state comprehensive education system. These early experiences laid the ground for the development of his current work as a teacher and write.