Soulcraft by Bill Plotkin


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Plotkin's guide to the journey of initiation, charts a course through the underworld pathways with the heart of a shaman along the way mapping the powers of myth and psyche with all of the soul and interpretive skill of Jung or Campbell. It is to nature-based soulwork what Huxley's 'Doors of Perception' was to consciousness studies.

This book is huge treasure that provides seasoned wilderness guides, wisdomseekers, psychologists and shamanic practitioners alike with a fresh heart-opening soul language, time-tested practical methods for navigating the landscape of authentic transformation and a new mythos for fathoming the depths of change.

'Soulcraft' is Plotkin's "soul gift," in the form of a user's manual for the journey of the human soul and guide to the futurescape of why we are all really here.

About the author: Bill Plotkin, Ph.D., is a wilderness guide, depth psychologist and ecotherapist. He is the founding director of Colorado’s Animas Valley Institute, which holds leading nature-based soul-initiation programs since 1980. He has been said to think of himself as a psychologist gone wild