With the End in Mind - Kathryn Mannix


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Kathryn Mannix is on a mission to reclaim public understanding of dying.

I have helped to care for thousands of people at the very end of their lives and have seen first-hand the harm done by the Taboo of Death. Instead of dying, people 'pass away'.  They are not 'dead': but 'late' or 'departed'.

It is time to give each other permission to talk about dying. Confronting the the process allows us to plan for and relate to our dearest people over the last part of their lives.

My weapon of choice for this campaign is stories. These are stories about people who could have been  your friend, your sister, your dad, your son.  These are stories about how dying people embrace living not because they are unusual or brave, but because that's what humans do.

These are stories about normal humans. dying normal human deaths, and they offer us illumination, models for action, and hope.