The Inspirational Soup Book by Victoria Kubiak


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Written by Penny Brohn Cancer Care Nutritional Therapist Victoria Kubiak

“It’s nice to know there are some things in life that are adaptable enough to support and comfort us through our ever-changing lives. A good soup offers warmth in the cold, comfort if we are down, gentle support if we are ill, convenience on a busy day, and there is nothing more uplifting than sharing soup with friends and family and everyone asking for more!

Yes, soup can be truly inspirational to our everyday lives and when a few simple, added ingredients can heighten the nutritional value, it  makes them even more special.

Another way to lift the spirits is to come by inspirational sayings. I have collected these over the years and kept them in my special little book, thumbing through them on difficult days to help focus on a better pathway.

What better compilation could there be therefore….a combination of heart-warming soups and inspirations to lift our spirits.”